banana is good to our mood

Hong Kong
October 12, 2008 7:24am CST
I read books on nutrition recently and discovered that banana can help us to relieve emotional problems and it helps us to sleep well too. How and why the fruit is helpful to us. What does the substance malethonin which is found the tube like fruit do actually.
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12 Oct 08
Melatonin is a good relaxing substance.Banana skins are also high in potassium ,and im sure that the potassium levels would be good for you.The banana is one of the only fruits I enjoy,the citrus fruits are too sharp for me.I have read many times that the banana skins are very good for the garden,and if the skins are chopped up and then scattered over the garden then they will be of benefit to the soil quality.But then on reflection I heard on the local radio station that this was just an old wives tale,and the experts were quite sure that the skins had no effect at all on the wquality of the soil.But bananas are good in curries,as banana fritters,they make a good cake ,and if you are a little peckish a good sandwich.
• Hong Kong
12 Oct 08
I heard that melatonin is something the body can produce by itself. So the nutrients from banana may of little use to us. Right?
• Philippines
27 Jan 09
thanks for sharing your information. Do you know that banana is used as one source of diet.Japan is using it after their popular singer lose most weight after eating banana only in the morning. But dietritician said that it is not advisable.