Being prejuided without meaning to be?

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
October 12, 2008 1:20pm CST
What phrase do you hear again and again, or way of saying things that seems a little insulting, even if the person saying them doesn't mean to be because its a "common" phrase? One I came across recently in an old discussion here on mylot. The writer says, "I like the jews and don't understand anti-semitism" Its saying, "the jews" that fr some reason sounds insulting to me. I hear people say, I like Christians, or I don't like Christians, or I like Baptists I don't hear, I like the Baptists so often. Or this article I read about the pope removed "perfidous jews" only in 1965 but used it before, and in more recent times the Vatican actually boycotted the Israel Holocaust Memorial Day due to a photo captin in an exhibit and in Germany its, the word jew, is rising in the rank of insults using the word, 'Jew' in a pejorative sense. Nowadays in the states people use the word gay and gayed as a derogatory term. At one time jew was used in this way - as in, "I was jewed on that essay", "you're such a jew" which had nothing to do with heritage but synonomous with &sshole, b&tch etc.' The word Jew, when it should speak of proud, rich heritage, and religion still carries an ugly connotation, which is probably why the phrase, I like the jews rubs me wrong. What about you, what phrase seems insulting to you but isn't meant that way?,1518,453402,00.html
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@AmbiePam (51159)
• United States
13 Oct 08
There is a person around me who frequently sells things to Hispanic people. And yes, they are pretty much all from Mexico. I kept wondering why it bothered me that he would say 'those Mexicans.' After all, they are Mexican. Then I realize it was the terminology. It would sound much better if he had said, "The Mexicans I work with like ____." Instead of, "Those Mexicans I work with..." Saying 'those' makes me think it sounds like an accusation. When it is relevant to even use their nationality in a sentence, it helps if it is phrased right. I know that isn't exactly what you're talking about, but I had been thinking this through my head for a while trying to figure out why it bothered me. Ambinator
• Abernathy, Texas
22 Oct 08
Actually its exactly what I'm talking about. Similiar to saying, "I like THE jews" and the like.
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