alot of these executive in the bailout companies in USA going prison

October 12, 2008 7:39pm CST
Why do I believe that they will be charged on for Wilful blindness. How could they. Now I am working so hard and afraid to put my money in my country's money Market brokerage simply because they trade on the American stock exchange. Help me this is another case of unrelated stress. Heellpp!!! What do you think, what is happening in your neck of the woods. Talk to me somebody.
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@evanslf (485)
13 Oct 08
I well understand your concerns about investing in the stock market. Who would want to invest in it right now? But then again, now might well be the right time. Stocks have taken a hell of a pounding and are now pretty cheap (they may have a little further to fall but must be approaching the bottom). The theory of 'contrary investment' goes that when everybody is piling into the stock market when it is high you should be very wary and should bail out. But when everybody is panicking and getting out in droves, then that is the time to snap up a bargain. But of course, before you make any investment, even at a discounted price should you do so now, you still need to do your homework to check the financial viability and strengh of a particular company. Also, investing in one company is too risky, always follow the golden rule of spreading your investment around. hope this helps!