How do you fill an old Scripto Vu Lighter and what kind of fuel do you use?

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October 12, 2008 9:45pm CST
Yes, I know this isn't exactly an 'antiques' category but I'm hoping someone with interest in older things will know anyway. I bought a couple of old Scripto Vu lighters for my brother's birthday (the type that have, say, a fishing fly or an ad in the fuel compartment, for vu-ing) and they appear to be in excellent condition. Now that I have them, I realize I have no idea of how to fill them nor what type of fuel to use; Google searches have been fruitless. I'm only familiar with modern day Zippo lighters and I don't want to screw up. Does anyone have some knowledge they can share?
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3 May 09
I have one Sripto VU lighter. No problem fueling, but i have no idea how to replace flint. Any help out there?
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11 May 09
To replace the flint pull the striker wheel straight out and then unscrew the barrel on the end. Be careful not to bend the spring inside. Before replacing the flint, take a needle or something else that will fit where the flint goes, and see if you can touch the striker wheel, then spin the wheel to see if it is indeed touching the wheel. If the wheel spins freely, you probably have a piece of the old flint jammed in the end of the hole. If you can't get the old flint dislodged, you will have to take the wheel off. Do this by tapping the wheels' axle out far enough to remove the wheel. This can be done with a hammer and something like a finishing nail. Now just tap the old flint out from the top. Reassemble with the new flint Hope this helps Zombilly
13 Nov 09
How do you replace the wick in a Scripto-Vu? Can you use a Zippo Wick?
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20 Jan 10
Try Hawke's eBook "How to Repair Scripto Vu-Lighters"
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16 Nov 08
If this is the type of lighter I'm thinking of it has a screw in the center of the bottom. Simply remove the screw and fill with cigerette lighter fluid. It also has a button on the hinge side of it that when depress in the upside down position will release a small amount of fluid to the wick. These were some of the best lighters I have ever owned. Joe Mack
@LadyMarissa (12160)
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14 Oct 08
I do believe those lighters were Butane Fuel. I won't swear by it, but I do believe I'm right. Here is the link to Scripto. There is a Contact Us link & you can ask them direct... Hope this helps!!!