Is Money the root of all Evil? or is it Jealousy???

October 13, 2008 12:36am CST
Theres an old saying that MONEY is the Root of All Evil? Do you agree on it? In my own opinion, i dont think it is money the root of all eVil. Money can be the cause but not all the time. I watched on TV about TRUE CRIMES. And i noticed most of the crimes featured on the segment was cause of Jealousy. Like a Husband killed his wife because he thought his wife has another man. Based on my own personal encounter. I have known to persons who are real best of friends since childhood. Unfortunately, they no longer best of friends now or even friends. There friendship was ended just because of the Guy they both love. But this guy only like the other one and he courted her and had a relationship, the other friend get jealous to her best friend, until one day they had misundertanding and they started to exchange bad words to each other. BAD mouthing is evil , and jelousy is the cause. I have another someone I knew too. She end up being broke and lots of debt , because trying to be like his friend who is pretty well of. whatever her friend has she want to have it too even she knew she can't afford it. Because of jealousy she went bankrupt and distress. What you reckon? Is it jealousy is the root of all evil or is it the money?
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@wyz388 (119)
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13 Oct 08
welcome my new friend.i agree on it.