Secrets of the Self made millionaire

October 13, 2008 1:09am CST
Recently, just read a column in the readers Digest about the Secrets of the Self made millionare, they are truly millionaires because of their own hardwork and perseverance. But the best advice they shared to become a millionare was to STOP SPENDING! based on what i read, most millionares said they were PRUDENT and below average spenders. They lived well below their means. They dont buy things not necessarily needed. Instead they SAVE their money in the Bank and Invest it. what do you think guys? come to think of it , why dont we try this idea of mine, if we save $10.00 a day by 5 days a week it will be $50.00 /week by 52 weeks in a year then we will have savings of $2,600.00 in a year.. if we keep doing it for 5 years den we will have save of $13,000.00 a year.. thats a lot of money for extra savings.sounds good is in it?
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• Italy
17 Oct 08
If you can have 10 bucks guarantee that would be fine... but every other day the cost of living is increasing, and just keeping $2,600 in the bank would be a foolish thing. I think i would invest it at the earliest opportunity. Inflation is biting hard too, got to think about that too. Saving is good and most of us practice it but only until it doesnot lead you to starve
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@Lexus656 (672)
• United States
14 Oct 08
I don't know how anyone right now can afford to save ten dollars a day If I could I sure would. I mean since my son was born and I got laid off. I havent owned any new clothes or anything extra at all. The economy right now is crazy and it's not helping the ones that need it the most. We need to get some more job opportunities and keep some of the big companies in the us to help us out.
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• Philippines
13 Oct 08
yes rose i'm beginning to take it seriously this time,because i really wanted to change my life and stop using those credit cards which leads me to too much unnecessary expenses,which gives me too much debt.and it is really true.take it from the expert.And I am also into investing little money also so I can have an additional income.event hough it's only small amount,but if I just keep on savings it will grow too.try it out.
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