Can you be stingy but generous at the same time?

October 13, 2008 3:22am CST
i think it is possible for a stingy man to also be generous. because it is possible that one is stingy because he is saving the money for other things...and that other things will be for his loved ones like perhaps a spouse, friend, children etc. A stingy man is not necessarily selfish or one who loves money so much. It can be that he is thoughtful because he is thinking of saving money for the rainy days or assure a good future for his family. i wrote this because a stingy coworker of mine is usually teased for being selfish or not sharing his money in our office...meaning he would not treat us. well my officemates can be rude in teasing him, but me, i understand him as he is just saving money for his family.
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