how old were you when you found out that santa claus is not real???

October 13, 2008 4:51am CST
Christmas is fast approaching and it's the time of the year where our children looks forward to coz they receive gifts from their loved ones. In the eyes of a child, the joy of the season is further boosted by the thought that when one has been a good kid all throughout the year, she/he receives the gift/s he/she longs for from Santa Claus. Does this belief still rings true to these days of computers??? I was onced a child and I onced believe in Santa Claus. I was so eager to meet Santa Claus so I usually sleep downstairs beside the Christmas tree, to wait for Santa. Oftentimes, I ended up sleeping soundly and wasnt able to see who put the gifts in our Christmas tree and in the Christmas stockings around the house. I think I was already 9 years when I saw my Dad and Mom quietly arranging and putting the gifts in our Christmas tree and I didnt bother anymore to let them know that I saw them do it. I didnt want to spoil the mystery since I still have two younger sisters who believed in Santa Claus. I wanted them to enjoy the spirit of the season, of receiving gifts, of giving gifts in return to others who needed it most. When I grew older, I carried the same tradition to my own child although I know, with all the computers and fast pace life we have now, my own child knows for sure that Santa Claus and me is one and the same person. What is important is the love we have for our children, whether you are Santa Claus or not, continue bringing cheer to lots of people, no matter how small your gift is.
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@kedves (728)
13 Oct 08
WHAT !!!!!!!!!! he is not real ??? :(( :(( ((