Blogging or posting discussion which is better?

October 13, 2008 10:14am CST
My thought about blogging is that it more expresses our own feeling than that of the others.Where as writing to discussion and getting responses immediately helps one to widen his thought and think farther than any one.Every thought is posted as a discussion whereas in blogging thought must be modified to suit others.You can never post your innate feelings in blog.
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@paid2write (5201)
13 Oct 08
I have taken part in more than three thousand discussions at myLot, and I have two blogs. It takes me longer to post on a blog than it does to post in a discussion. I can more easily respond to a topic and express my personal feelings and opinions at myLot. I do enjoy blogging, but it does take up a lot more time. Blogging also involves networking, visiting other blogs, adding comments, and submitting to blog directories, as well as posting on your own blog and moderating comments.
• Philippines
13 Oct 08
Im just reading thru so I can learn...
@amlegend (945)
• Pakistan
13 Oct 08
well blogging to me is only restrained to a certain topic and because of that they people who will read it will only think the same and they will share on the basis of that feeling and this leads to small response and less knowledge while posting discussion can get more out of the people as you show that you also are learning and you a admit that you don't have command on it and want to learn as they discuss and they will definitely discuss it on broader sense as they can add anything to it that they feel related. i will thus go with posting discussion best then the latter.
@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
13 Oct 08
I agree with both the arguments and I prefer discussion to blogging. I do blog only to earn some money.