House, apartment or trailer? city or country?

United States
October 13, 2008 11:41am CST
do you live in an apartment, a house, or a trailer? Do you live in the city or country? Are you happy with where you are living currently? I just moved to an apartment in the city from a trailer on 3 acres of land in the country. I loved living in the country. I'm an outdoorsy person, and it was so peaceful and quiet. But it is really convienant living in the city and not having to worry about if you are going to be late to work because the normal 30 minute drive turned into a 45 minute drive b/c you got stuck behind a tractor or horse and buggy on the road. (don't laugh, this really happens out there) LOL. Anyway, where do you live? Do you like it?
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@Chevee (5915)
• United States
13 Oct 08
I live in a house, and it is in the city limits, but it is not a big city. It is a little city in the south. Yes, I love where I am living now the only drawback is that we are now hurting for jobs.A major company is being built nearby it is a Kia plant and it is bringing a lot of jobs to this area. That is in the future.
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
14 Oct 08
I will choose live in house and in city. House is little wider than all of that. Beside that in house I can have a small yard to play or plant some flower. keep post happy myLotting...
• United States
13 Oct 08
Hi britany_renee, I live in an apartment in a city, however, not a big city. I was born in a super big city, and I spent most of my time living in big cities...Though I am a city animal, I still enjoy the quite and comfortable lifestyle here. Happy mylotting~