Does anyone have Meneirs Disease(DiZzY sPeLLs)?

@jenj38 (51)
United States
October 13, 2008 12:31pm CST
I have had Dizzy Spells for the last 5 years. When i went to the doctor he said i have Meneirs Disease. Meneirs Disease is an imbalance in the inner ear. So i stay unbalanced all day. I was given medication for it and it helps a little or for a little while then it comes right back. I went from being able to go out all the time to basically not being able to do pretty much anything. I can't drive to much anymore because i don't know when i will become dizzy. So i'm almost eliminated from being able to work. When the dizzy spells start, it is usually very bad. It's like my body will stop moving but everything around me will keep moving in a circle around me. So if i'm standing in front of someone talking and a dizzy spells happens, it looks like the person is going in circles around me but i'm standing still. So does anyone else suffer from Meneirs Disease??
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