Would less people have died if Saddam stayed in power?

United States
November 6, 2006 8:25pm CST
He killed a lot of people I know, but do you think that was just to install fear upon them so they wouldn't fight eachother (im talking about the Sunni's and what not)? Right now a lot of Americans have died, the number is in the thousands. Was the number of people he killed in the thousands?
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• India
7 Nov 06
During his 23-year reign of terror, Hussein (pictured at left in 1983) was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. For his first trial, he's accused of ordering the massacre of more than 140 Iraqis in the village of Dujail -- a small footnote in a career of brutality. now, u think whether it is justified or not?and it is not a coincidence, everything is fixed... Bush desperately wanted sadddam to die, so that he can win in elections... Bush is no less criminal minded compared to Saddam so many attrocities conducted by both saddam nd bush... comparitively, saddam is better.. bush is a criminal from de core of his heart
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• Australia
7 Nov 06
No one will ever know that but I think what they are working on at this time is for future generations...hopefully they will benefit but it is a shame that so many people had to die for it but that is what has happened in every war.... heres to all those young heros, RIP