Pain and True Happiness

October 14, 2008 3:11am CST
You will never know true happiness Until you have truly loved, And you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it Please share ur opiions and coments on this discussion
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• Malaysia
14 Oct 08
hi prudhvi, Pain is when you love someone and you have to let go some part of yourself just to be with that person ... Pain is not only when we lost that someone but when we forget some part of ourself because we want to be with that some one we love dearly Being woman, sometimes, we forget the pain of loosing ourself because we gain the tru love ... But when the tru love hurts us ... we remember our lost ... and start to wonder where the years has gone ... cheers
@kissie34 (2295)
• Philippines
14 Oct 08
Well, in some point I agree.. We will never learn what love is unless we had experienced and felt it.. We never how painful it is unless we lost the one we truly love or he/she had hurt us so badly.. But sometimes no matter how painful it is people never learned because they always follow what their heart says and not their mind.. Even they know that they will be hurt again and again still they will continue the love that they have to that someone else, they become martyr already.. For me, Love is the most dangerous illness that a person can have, this illness is like a virus that no matter what medicines you drink if this was already in our heart or in or cell, it will not be cured.. You will bring it until your last breath, as if you have a cancer only few people survive.. Well, people say that you can be truly happy when you are to the one you love.. In some sense, I agree because I know that being together to one we love can make our life complete and that can makes us happy.. Of course, I want to be with the one I love.. I want to spend the rest of my life to him.. But not all the things that we wish to happen it will happen 'cause we cannot command the heart of that person to love us the way we want too.. Well, for those people who live happily since they were together to one they love then they are too lucky but for those who don't then maybe they were spending their life just like hell.. I have said too much already.. lol.. Anyway, happy posting..