Men & Their Alone Time...

United States
October 14, 2008 6:18am CST
Maybe guys can answer this one mystery for me. Guys that need space or alone time. My boyfriend calls it guy time. He usually takes a day or two to chill out read,listen to cds, do things around the house. Some guys go out for a beer. He doesen't. Its not everyday - Its maybe once a month. During this time he doesn't call anyone and doesen't really want to talk to anyone. He will talk to me if I call. He usually wants to be left alone to rejuvenate to be a better boyfriend, son & better at his job. He calls it guys PMS lol... Can any guy out there explain this one to me? I'm all for giving him space but it happens so randomly. I'm not able to read his mind when he decides to do this it kinda messes up our plans a bit.
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