Got spitted on my foot

October 14, 2008 7:18am CST
I was on my way home after buying food when I happen to pass these two men talking to each other. This one man busy talking to his companion when all of the sudden, he prepared his nostrils to spit something, huh, don't want to imagine what it is. By the way, I was fully aware that he is about to spit, just in time for me to step in front of him. And whalla, he turned his head to my direction and the spit landed on my foot. I was not mad because he did not see me coming, I just thought he should have not spitted anywhere he liked especially in public places. Lucky for me, I was almost home so I immediately washed it out. Do you spit anywhere? Do you think its appropriate to spit in public places?
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@repzkoopz (1895)
• Philippines
14 Oct 08
hmmm.. personally, i think you should've confronted the guy. or at least show them you're mad. even if the guy didn't see because he wasn't looking, he shouldn't be spitting around like a cobra in the first place. such action is very irresponsible. the least he could've done was say he's sorry. back to your question.. hehehe.. i must admit, i do spit in public sometimes, but only when its really really necessary, specially when i have a runny nose. and i only spit on places where nobody would bother to go in to. next question.. no, it is not appropriate to spit in public!