What causes you to age well or age badly?

United States
October 14, 2008 12:00pm CST
This is a spinoff from a recent posting about if you think you look your age. I sustained a neck injury from a car accident I was in a year ago, and as a result, I think it's made me age some over the year. Do you think it's possible that a traumatic event makes you suddenly look aged? Is it a physical appearence thing or perhaps facial expressions that make the person look older?
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@patgalca (15636)
• Orangeville, Ontario
14 Oct 08
I think it is all in how you care for yourself. I don't think I look my age at all. Neither do others. I am guessed at 10 years younger than my actual age. Drinking lots of water, staying out of the sun and not smoking and drinking will help you to stay looking young. My husband took up exercising almost two years ago. He goes to the gym 6 days a week. He has lost quite a bit of weight (30 pounds) and looks so much healthier and younger. Back when I first met him he was out of shape, drinking all the time, smoking, and he just looked unhealthy and somewhat sickly. If you are in an accident and limited in your activities, you can still look after yourself by being disciplined about your habits (good and bad). Take care.
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• India
14 Oct 08
I've seen people worrying a lot or who just keep brooding over things tend to look more older or aged. To stay young we should strongly believe that we are not that old and we're still a teenager at heart. Proper exercises and a balanced diet will do the needful. Just being happy from inside and leading a contented life will keep you young and energetic always Cheers
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@eaforeman6 (8983)
• United States
14 Oct 08
I think sleeping well and proper nutriton are two big factors. Depression can cause someone to age faster. Too much work like a work aholic can make someone age faster. Proper hygene and taking care of yourself medicaly can make a difference.Being happy, truly happy makes a big difference and excercise. We have to have things going on in out lifes that bring us joy! Laughter and music are good for the soul!