what is the easiest way to lose weight?

October 14, 2008 12:43pm CST
there are different ways of losing weight.per what is easy and best for me cant decide. please help.
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@Mitraa (3187)
• India
14 Oct 08
Hello, I can never say any easy method. But there are sure many traditional methods of weight loosing as follows! 1) About 30 minutes of morning exercies daily, 2) Avoiding always fatty and more oily food, with option for green vegetables, 3) Drinking 2 litres of water daily, 4) Consuming optimum / less carbohydrate food (Rice, potato, bread etc.), 5) Avoiding full stomach feeding always, 6) Fasting for a day in a fortnight (If you are 30+ and not sick) and 7) Avoiding more hours of sleeping, beyond 7 hours. I think all the seven methods are quite traditional and sure weight loosing! Thanks for your very good tpoic!
@jarael (666)
14 Oct 08
i too am trying to lose weight and im full of ideas and advice that i cannot seem to take myself, the best way for me, may not be the best way for you. as there are different reasons why people are overweight, and different factors maybe such as illness or comfort eating , and then theres eating meals that are just bad for u or too large with no emotional aspect to it. i would like to help if i can though. maybe start with what you have tried to do to lose weight?