Did You Find a Great WebsiteToday? I Did!

@yparson (582)
United States
October 14, 2008 1:07pm CST
I came across this website today, Tuesday, October 14, 2008(for the record) "how to make money blogs" and I'm going to give this one a try. I have other blogs that I just put together but this one will get xtra attention and put to the test if i can stop wondering off in other directions. I have 5 tabs open trying to multi-task(huh-Huh). See what i mean, here I am on Mylot too. Getting back to this great site-so far I am following the step-by-step instructions: Get a domain name(done), get web-hosting(in progress), next go to wordpress(2 do list),and then do some downloads. I should be up and running by the next few hours maybe, it I can just stay focus long enough. The site I found is also a blog with great resources and user friendly instructions. This one I could probably follow and do well with online, we'll see. So, what website did you find today that catch your attention?
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