Do you use bookmarks when reading?

@ronaldinu (12439)
October 14, 2008 3:27pm CST
Do you have the habit of folding the current page you are reading? Or do you use bookmarks when reading? I really hate it when I lend a book and it returns with folded ends.
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@jpso138 (7863)
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
Yes, I do use a bookmark every time I read a book. It is very much easy to locate the last page that I have read when there is a bookmark.
• New Zealand
10 Mar 09
i only use them sometimes just to mark my spot. i also like making them as they are quite fun to design and to make different styles of them. to be honest i dont really read books that much therefore i dont really have much use for a bookmark but when i get really stuck into a book i find it completely nessesary to have a bookmark as i prefer not to fold the corners
@sweetyethot (1738)
• China
2 Mar 09
I dont fold the current page where I finish reading.I like using bookmarks,but sometimes maybe just some useless cards or a piece of paper.I love books,and always keep them clean and unfolded.happy mylotting!
• United States
2 Mar 09
I use bookmarks the most often. I've got quite a few of them. It's not just because it's a placeholder either. I often use the bookmark to scroll down the sentences while reading because it makes it easier for me to read carefully. Yea, I don't read very fast. I haven't done the dogear thing in ages.
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
27 Jan 09
I do fold the corner of the page down unless it is a library book then I will place a book mark of some kind into it since it isn't my property. I also use one if it is lent to me from someone else. I only fold the corner down on my own books.
@freda529 (136)
• China
11 Nov 08
I hate to fold the corners up,not only the books,also the notebooks,or even an A4 paper.I can't bear the crease.It just like fold on my heart.I thought it maybe a sort of mental,kidding.I'm glad so many ppl have the same habbit.I prefer to put a lovely bookmark in the middle or just keep it open.That's why I don't like lend books to others.
@dodo19 (40138)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
10 Nov 08
I much prefer to use bookmarks. I don't really like to ruin the pages of one or more of my books. When I lend a book to a friend or something, I would appreciate it if they didn't turn the pages either and would respect what doesn't belong to them and not damage it.
@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
9 Nov 08
Hi ronaldinu, may be I'm rather picky , I dislike my books or books which I borrow from friends to look indecent with folding marks on them, so I usually would use bookmarks when reading. I don't purposely buy bookmarks for that. I would use receipts, greeting cards, invitation cards or any other stuffs as my bookmark. I couldn't remember the number of page where I have read for I read a few pages of different books daily. posting and have a great day.
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
I used to do that with my book, but when I borrow a book I used bookmark usually my calling card :-) then I get used to it, so now I use bookmark even with my books
@SeishiroX (1076)
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
I love books, and I don't like it when the appearance of my beloved publications are marred. Like you, I don't like to see dog-eared parts of a book. So, yeah, I use a bookmark. It doesn't have to be a proper bookmark. I even use a folded receipt and tucked it in the part of the book where I had to stop reading. L
@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
8 Nov 08
When I was a kid I used to read quite a bit because I loved mystery stories such as the Clue books,and the Boxcar Children books because I loved guessing at who did it and finding out if I was right or not,and I always used a bookmark to mark the page I was on so I would know where to go when I started reading again,when I got older I got out of reading,because I have a short attention span,so it is hard for me to keep my attention focused on a book,and it is hard for me to remember what I read which really sucks,I found out if my fiance reads to me,I can pay attention and remember what she has read,and right now we are reading Unto A Good Land by Vilhelm Moberg which is the second book in a series of four about Emigrants who journey from Sweden to North America in the 1850's and we are trying to find the third book entitled The Settlers before we finish the second,and for a book mark we are using a piece of paper with the number of a friend that me and my fiance got from my brother even though I was supposed to call him but never did,and I think he has changed his number again,so it is good for a bookmark and that is basically it,but at least it has some purpose and actually comes in handy.
@youless (100242)
• Guangzhou, China
8 Nov 08
I don't use bookmark. I like folding the page or I will remember the page number I am reading. I love China
• United States
31 Oct 08
I hate folding corners. I spend alot of money on my book and feel like I am disgracing them if I mark in them or fold the corners. I always have a pagekeeper bookmark in whatever I am reading.
@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
22 Oct 08
before No I do not use any of it but when my wife noticed it that I am reading those books and I just fold it at the end she told me that it is not a very nice way of keeping and taking care of the books so she made for me a home made book marker....
@MsTickle (25050)
• Australia
21 Oct 08
I use bookmarks...I have many wonderful ones which I have collected over the years...paper ones with tassles, cutout shapes, metal ones and I have a cloth one that has weights at each end. Invariably though, I turn the corner down or leave the book open, face down.
• United States
19 Oct 08
back in the day when I read books, I would always use a bookmark. My favorite was a little black piece of paper.
@shell94 (990)
• Canada
19 Oct 08
I always use a bookmark when reading a book. I hate it when the pages of my books get all dog eared and ratty looking, especially when alot of my books cost quite a bit of money.
• Philippines
19 Oct 08
Hi! I do use bookmarks whenever I'm reading. If for instance I can't find any bookmarks near me and I have to put it down for awhile, I'll use any thing that I can use as a bookmark, like piece of paper, strings, ballpens or pens, etc. Using bookmarks was quite easier for me, so that I don't have to search the part that I last read. I don't like it as well to see my book got a dog's-ear in it or folded the top-right corner of the page. I wanted to put bookmarks on the book when I lending it to others but then usually, the bookmarks weren't return to me. So, books that I really treasured, I rarely lend it to others, only to those people I'll know that they would take care of it.
@dragon54u (31636)
• United States
18 Oct 08
My mother taught me to use bookmarks as a sign of respect. Books are precious, they are conveyors of knowledge or entertainment, and valuable more than money. They deserve to not be defaced by bending their pages. I do, however, bend magazine pages if it's my own magazine.
@ersmommy1 (12596)
• United States
15 Oct 08
When I was younger I folded the pages. But that is not good for the books. My hubby bought me some beautiful bookmarks for Valentines Day one year. If I am in another room I find a scrap piece of paper.