Don't Want to Get Sued by the RIAA? Just Disable Wi-Fi Security!

@Securegb (115)
United States
November 6, 2006 9:28pm CST
At Broadband Reports, Karl picks up on an OUT-LAW.COM report noting that Tammie Marson of Palm Desert, California responded to a file-sharing lawsuit from the RIAA by stating that her wireless network was not secure, and that therefore the file sharing seen on her network could have been from any passerby. "The defense worked, and the RIAA dropped the case," Karl writes. As an El Reg article points out, "If this becomes a popular defense, it could seriously hamper a huge number of file-sharing lawsuits taken in the US against individuals. It also looks to be a trend in defense against movie file-sharing lawsuits." And back at Broadband Reports, PoloDude observes, "I think it's a great defense. But who says you have to turn off your security? Let them try and prove the state of your Wi-Fi security..." --- What do you think about this? The RIAA needs to stop this. They will just be wasting there money sueing people and all the trials will be dropped.
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