How can you define life when you're depressed? being a loser?

October 14, 2008 7:12pm CST
Life is precious, i can easily advice someone who is at their downfall, i can easily help them to move on, but when i encounter one, i don't know how will i handle the situation. I have the facts in front of me, i know how i can get over it,if i will. But the depression, the loneliness as if i cant do it. I don't feel like working ,i tried to sleep but i have to wake up every now and then. I feel like a loser. Sometimes I have to slap my face, to wake me up. Hey! Wake up. Your a counselor, you give advice. Now what's wrong with you? that's what i heard. Hey sister, What's your problem? I'm awaken by their visit, the usual son and daughter, work and family, church and school, my community. Do you know what course I take, i leave some and take one after the other. I remember to leave them all, I don't feel like complaining, i'm blaming myself cause my good is not enough to cover what it should be done.Its hard for me to recover, its a month now, i'm trying to understand life by listening to God's word, then be relieve for a while. You will not understand the feeling unless you have it. I'm trying to read some messages here in my lot ,but sometimes i dont the have speaking power to say I'm free, i'm loosened but not free.
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• Philippines
15 Oct 08
Hi. I could somehow relate to what you are going through when you are depressed. Though I am not a counselor, I'm pretty much the run-to guy for my friends whenever they have problems and seek advice. But when it comes to my own problems and depressions, most of the times I don't know how to handle them. I always had the false feeling of security thinking I could face and overcome challenges and problems in life but then I realize that like everyone else, I'm too weak to face them without help. Then my definition for life changes every now and then when I'm depressed. I would sometimes question if is it still worth living after all. I agree with you in listening to God'ds word when depression sets in. I would usually go to church and sit on the pew for a while. Then I begin opening up eveything to God about the things that bother and confound me. When I leave the church after a while, it seems like a huge weight has been lifted from me. Then I realize, life--though good or bad things happen--is God's precious gift and is still very much worth living after all.