I had the accident last Night :P Pls share here whether you had any?

October 15, 2008 1:11am CST
Don't take it to be accident in real sense. Its the accident of peeing. I generally sleep naked. Yesterday was same. generally i do not feel cold other than in winter. then suddenly i was feeling cold. i woke up. And My GOD! it was wet. I found out that the bed is wet and I have the accident . It generally do not happen. last happened three yrs back. I feel sorry. But then think more or less all have accidents sometimes. Do you have those accidents sometimes? Pls share? Or will I be doing this? why i could not understand that I have wet the bed? I like a shame less told this to GF this morning. She says a big baby sleeping naked wetting bed . :P
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@subha12 (18452)
• India
15 Oct 08
no not really. i think many also have the accidents like this. they are not ready to admit it here. but i know many have.
@dania12 (124)
• Canada
15 Oct 08
Hi Babu ! No problem US with Chronic sickness even YOUNGS... that happens sometimes ! At 1st SURE: we are shame, upset, frustrated but... FM, MS, post-truamatic syndrome, etc... when we dream very deeply, that can happen ok Be Happy ! SMILE! ...you are Healthy ok x x x Doc Dania Physiologist Ph.D. & Fibromyalgic & Reik Master-Teacher ...yes, my life did change but.. now i feel better !!