biological effects of cell-phones

October 15, 2008 5:51am CST
Cell phones are truly wonderful things. You can talk, take photos, send messages and several other things. Millions of people all around the world use cell phones everyday but the question is, are they endangering their lives? There are concerns that cell phones cause cancer, brain tumors and other diseases in humans; but are these concerns justified? The question has been asked, “Is it ethical for cell phone companies to sell cell phones without a written health warning to the user?” Has daily exposure to electromagnetic fields, including extremely low frequency magnetic fields and radio frequency, in the environment caused the public any health problems? Questions are asked daily on the health risks involved in using wireless communication technology and most of the time you will receive the same answer, ‘There is no real evidence’. Several studies suggest that exposure to electromagnetic fields might associate with an elevated risk of cancer and other diseases in humans. Many laboratory studies have thus been conducted, but the results were controversial and no clear conclusion could be drawn. Why would cell phone companies need to supply a written health warning and make the users nervous when there is actually no evidence to support the health theories? For over 50 years scientists have been acquiring knowledge on radio signals from mobile phones, two-way radios and other wireless communications. from
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