Is there a person you cannot forgive?

@fpd1955 (2074)
United States
October 15, 2008 7:29am CST
I had a partner for 15 years. She had her cat, which became our cat, for 3 years before I met her. He was almost 18. He couldn't eat or drink without help, mostly from me. He was getting terribly thin. He couldn't see. He would walk around in circles, almost falling down. I told my partner he was suffering so much and we need to take him to the vet and do the right thing for him. She said, "He's my cat and I don't want to put him down!" I had to watch the poor guy suffer for 3 weeks. It was so inhumane! Finally, one day I came home from work and was searching my house for him. My partner told me she took him to the vet. I was devastated that she would take him without allowing me to say good-bye to him. This started out to be the end of our relationship. I could not forgive her for letting "our" cat suffer for so long. I could not forgive her for not allowing me to say good-bye to him. I knew she was a bit selfish, but this took the prize. It opened my eyes to her selfishness. I forgave her for alot of her behavior, but these two things, I just couldn't forgive. It also opened my eyes to the fact that she wouldn't take my opinion or advice on the things that really mattered in our relationship, but that is for another discussion! Anyway, I am with a partner now, that values my opinion and I value hers. We talk things out before we act on them. Did someone do something so wrong that you cannot forgive them? PEACE
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@tickapa (331)
• Romania
15 Oct 08
Maybe he thought you suffer a lot if you get to the farewell of the cat. Or can no longer bear to see how you bother you and take care of her and she suffer for the life. We can not say if he did good or bad, you know best. Cat it`s in your gallery of pictures (on your profile)?
@fpd1955 (2074)
• United States
16 Oct 08
The partner that I had for those 15 years is a woman. No, she wasn't worried how I would feel, only how she would feel. She did what she wanted, most of the time, not caring about my feelings. I do not have any pics of the cat, but I will look for some and put them up. It may take me awhile, as my old memories are packed away in storage. PEACE