Why do Marriages end in Divorce/Annulment????

October 15, 2008 8:17am CST
I used to work in a Family Court where our cases are mostly Annulment cases. Couples filed for these cases even if they have been living together for more than 20 years, and the some lived together for a few days. After getting an annulment, the petitioner usually jumps to another Marriage and it makes me think if that person is capable of entering into another Marriage if the first one didnt work out. Care to share with me your thoughts about why Marriages end in Divorce (foreign Marriages) or Annulment (Philippines)? Thank you for your responses.
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@jonesy123 (3950)
• United States
15 Oct 08
A lot of people fail to realize that marriage is not a constant happily thereafter fairytale. It requires actual work to iron out the wrinkles and curveballs life throws at the couple. But once the first couple of weeks/months are over and daily routine sets in, the notice what irks them about their partner... well, it's sooo easy to get a divorce and move on. Especially if the next fairytale princess/prince has already been lined up. They fail to see that they are just might make the same mistake over again. People don't think about marriage as an important event anymore in terms of lifelong commitment anymore. They want the glitz of the day and hopefully the sunshine remains for the rest of the life, but if the first rocky stretch comes up, they jump ship. I guess we can thank Hollywood for that kind of thinking;)