Top 10's WESTLIFE songs

October 15, 2008 10:42am CST
Hello to all Lotters! I just want to complete my personal survey about my favorite boyband.Pls share your top 10 choice of a westlife hits. I have also my choice and here they are: 1.What makes a man 2.Mandy 3.Obvious 4.When your lookin like that 5.My Girl 6.Unbreakable 7.Queen of my Heart 8.Swear it again 9.My love 10.Fool again
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@nathanye (196)
• China
17 Feb 09
Can I just provide my favorite? It is Home, originally by Michael Buble.
@HCdiary (43)
• China
4 Nov 08
Well.I think it's hard to choose.because many of their songs are very nice...... but if I must give my answer,they would be: 1,my love 2,flying without wings 3,amazing 4,If I let you go 5,Mandy 6,angel wings 7,home 8,Queen of my heart 9,Obvious 10,have you ever been in love. Oh, it's really hard to give the answer,many of WESTLIFE's songs are very good,I like WESTLIFE very much,especially when brain was still in the band.
@xstephx (58)
20 Oct 08
oo I love Westlife my faves are: 1.When your looking like that 2.Hit you with the real thing 3.Swear it again 4.Fool again 5.My love 6.Amazing 7.World of our own 8.Flying without wings 9.What makes a man 10.Something right
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
15 Oct 08
It's very hard to tell you 10 songs coz this band is my favourite and I listen to their songs almost every day and know all them by heart. Well, I'll try any way: 1. Written in the stars 2. Unbreakable 3. Tonight 4. Hit you with the real thing 5. Lost in you 6. I did it for you 7. I cry 8. Miss you 9. Every little thing you do 10. Don't say it's too late Well, it was really difficult to right this list.