Which is more important-Education or Money

October 15, 2008 11:31am CST
i hope in life both education as well as money is important.What do u think is most important? Can education be sold by money? What world needs at present is it Education(Knowledge)or MOney? What will be the state after fifty years?
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16 Oct 08
i think education is a very basic necessity and is more powerful than money. money can just disappear in a single second. but enough education, together with determination can lead a person everywhere he or she likes.
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
i really think education is very important because even if you start from rags, you would become rich as long as you are educated and you work hard. i also remember my father telling me that we should value education because it's something people can't take away from us.=D
• India
15 Oct 08
Hi It all depends on whichever you want important. But I guess a basic education is necessary, not only important. Education gives us wisdom. And without wisdom, our society will be ruined. So, I think, even after 50 years or so, education will hold its importance.