Apoclypto: the Visayan version...

@desireeo (595)
October 15, 2008 11:34am CST
have you seen it on youtube? any bisaya members in here? the videos were posted last year but it was only last week that my husband and I learned about it. it was his friend who told him about it. his friend promised him he'll have the laugh of his life. true to his word, my husband indeed was technically rolling on the floor laughing. i have watched a few episodes and yeah, they were funny. it's the original movie dubbed in bisaya, by the way. i'm wondering what Mel Gibson would think about it. he'll throw a fit, for sure. i have noticed that many bisayan talents are emerging in the entertainment scene. are you familiar with that "gi-kumot2" song? it has gained airplay in Luzon as well. considering, some of them don't even understand. we bisayans know that Jr. Kilat, a popular bisayan artist, have been successful promoting his songs nationwide. it just goes to show that we are really talented and our sense of humor has a different flavor that is genuinely hilarious. of course, if you don't understand the language you'll never get it even if it gets translated. well, if you haven't seen Apocalypto: the Visayan version yet and this kind of humor is your style, you can check it out on YouTube. i don't have the link but just type Apocalypto-bisaya version and look for the ones posted by Haringbuang...LONG LEB!
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