Paid medical Testing - Test Drugs for Money

October 15, 2008 3:48pm CST
Not one of the most glamorous-sounding jobs, but being a drugs-tester can be a simple and lucrative way to make extra money in your spare time, as long as you are willing to put up with the work and take the risks involved (no matter how slight they are). Although there was a case recently where some drugs-testers received serious side-effects and nearly died as a result of taking some test-drugs from a medical research company , being paid to test drugs is actually a very safe way to make money. As a drugs tester you will be required to receive and use certain medical drugs and then expected to leave feedback on how you felt when under the drugs, for example if you may have received any kind of side effects. you will be rewarded large amounts of money for testing these drugs. It may sound quite a frightening or daunting way of making some extra money in your spare time, but getting paid to test drugs is actually a very safe job. the drugs go through all sorts of different screening tests and procedures before the company even contemplates on testing on humans. however all drugs obviously do have to be tested on humans before being deemed safe to use, do as well as being paid well for your work you will also be helping out in the world of medicine. Again this position is hardly related to making money on the internet, but the drugs-testing jobs are usually advertised on specific online websites because it is a fast, sheap and easy way of finding new participants for their drugs trials. Article from paid Medical Testing-Get money For Testing The Latest Medicines And Health Products
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• Australia
23 Dec 09
im a herion user and im on methadone at the moment i would like to do testing for quick withdrawal or something
17 Oct 08
Do you do this whats the pay like and where do you find the tests to take part in