If you could give one piece of advice to the next century, What would it be?

@dloveli (4368)
United States
October 15, 2008 5:06pm CST
If we were to make a time capsule for the next century what would you give them as the most important piece of advice. What would be the most important thing you could teach or share with the future? I would let them know that the children of the 21st century were out of control. If anything, I would tell them to be more stricter with their children. Make sure they get what they need right from birth. Dont let others raise your children. Teach them morals and guidelines that will help them with life decision. I would show the 22nd century footage on the youth and violence brought forth because of it. I would tell them that this occurred because parents became friends first instead of nurturers, providers, and protectors. Our children had to grow up fast because of television, music, and the media. I would tell them dont let that happen again. I have buried to many family members, friends,and neighbors because of it. We cant afford to let it go on any further. What message would you send?
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• New Zealand
15 Oct 08
Keep it real, is what I would suggest...Install your values that you have been taught & stay staunch where that is concerned!...Turn your back on those who hold you down from succeeding in life & surround yourself with those who prosper...Thanks & have a great day.
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@lilaclady (28225)
• Australia
15 Oct 08
I would say to be honest above all, and to care for others, I think the one thing wrong with the world today is the lack of care for others that people seems to have, it is a very selfish world and i think this has got to change...
@jillhill (37372)
• United States
16 Oct 08
I would give them advice on peace....yup! I take a look at mylot and all the people that it has brought together as friends...without politicians interfering we are capable of getting along, expressing our opinions and still looking forward each day to "seeing" each other! There is a core of human kindness and we extend it to each other....we have our radicals....but we do control them ourselves for the most part....so there is hope for peace and friendship between all nations. We mylotters have proved that!
@Lakota12 (42608)
• United States
16 Oct 08
think you have covered it all . Need to go back to Spare the rod spoil the child!
• Canada
15 Oct 08
My one piece of advice is that people need to be true to themselves, and remain independent, not let themselves be brainwashed by people who think they should have power and authority over others. No human should have authority over another.