What type of exan do you love most?

October 15, 2008 8:14pm CST
The types of exam I usually encountered when I was still studying were the following: identification, enumeration, true or false, matching type, multiple choice, essay, and problem solving mostly in Math. Multiple choice is what I loved most. Though I still have to think, the possible answers are being displayed so it would not be difficult to answer. There are choices that I do not like --- none of the above or all of the above. I like identification. My clues are the keywords. If I can remember the keywords, it would be very easy for me answer. In enumeration, it depends. If I am asked to enumerate sentences, it would be difficult. But if words only, that's fine. I do not like true or false. Usually if the exam is true or false, it's a modified true or false. I need to correct the given situation to make it true. That's not good. Sometimes if it's not modified true or false, it's right minus wrong. I might get negative. I cannot appreciate matching type maybe because there are lots of choices. In essay, it depends on the instructor. There are instructors who are not open minded and they just stick to their ideas or to what is written in the book. It's unfair. But for instructors who are open minded, that's the time I would love essay. Another favorite of mine is problem solving. I do really love numbers. I am not a Math major but I love it. Math helped me a lot in obtaining higher grade point average. Can you you share your favorite types of exam?
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• Singapore
16 Oct 08
I also prefer Multiple choice questions but with lesser choices to choose from.I think 3 should good enough..If too many choices also I dont like..I prefer True or false because Its very easy to choose from.Either one of the choices will be right..I also like math but not that much..
@tikei18 (359)
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
I like multiple choice and true or false. Yes you are right that in multiple choice the answer is already shown, you have just to pick it right. But I want True or False more. You only have to choose between of the two. And sometimes you only have to use your commonsense. I would only love identification only if I studied. And it doesn't matter to me which type of exam I will encounter "IF" I studied very well. What I hate most is the problem solving specially math! I'm very poor in math, my father is an architect! Why didn't I inherit his specialty in math! My gosh. Anyways studying is the most important thing to do whenever there is an exam. Good Day!
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@bebeth (122)
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
i love problem solving. in problem solving, there is only one answer. and i dont have to memeorize..