What kind flowers do you planted on your garden?

@meizyty (191)
October 16, 2008 12:28am CST
I like planted fragrant flowers, such as roses and jasmine flowers on my garden. So, many butterfly come to my garden. It is so beautiful scenery.
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@salonga (27835)
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
What is the name of this plant? - The name of this plant is still unknown. Can anyone help me with the question which is still unaswered....what is the name of this plant.
Yes, I also do love various flowers in my garden. Whenever I see flowering plants for sale, I always buy to plant in my garden. You are right flowers invite butterflies and seeing various butterflies in my garden flying from one flower to another is a wonderful sight to behold. I have some orchides in my garden,yellow, white and pink crysethemums, gumamelas and a lot of other plants I don't even know the names. Recently, I grew a plant. It has wide yellowish green leaves.. it soon bloomed flowers that turned into a round green fruit. When my guests would ask me what is the name of this plant... I could not even tell them. Ha!ha!ha! It's okay even if those plants are unnamed for as long as they are pleasing to my eyes. (A photo of the plant in question is attached.)
@tuyakiki (3017)
• India
16 Oct 08
I like fragrant flowers too. And my mom likes gardening and plants them in garden.In our garden we have jasmine and four kinds of rose plant. Its great to see them,when the flowers bloom.