Things I hate about fashion trends

@stinge (808)
United States
October 16, 2008 1:48am CST
Why the hell does every one leave the stickers on their baseball caps. It is the dumbest thing that I see people do. Is it supposed to be a fashion trend? The 1st time I saw this done was in a fat joe video, not sure which one, but I remeber 1st seeing him with the sticker on his baseball cap. And not too long after that, just like every person that listens to hip hop, they all started to copy his style. Now eerbody does it. Thats what I hate about people, and hip hop. Don't get me wrong, I grew up on hip hop, but there is just no originality with the stlye anymore. Everyone immatates and copies evrything that they see in the world of hip hop, and they make it fashionable. 1st it started with the white t-shirts, now it's the all white air force ones, or the uptowns as us black folk call them. Now it's the baseball caps with the sticker on the bib. You dumb people are supposed to take the sticker off!!! the sticker is an advertisement of the company that made the hat you morons! It is the same way when you buy a pair of jeans and you rip the tags off. When you buy a hat you take the sticker off stupid!
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17 Oct 08
An old fashion trend I hate ... you and the rest of the male population may disagree is the thong outside of the pants... Girls ... it's not sexy - it's trashy. I was never a fan of it. Honestly I can't say the last time I've seen a sticker on a baseball cap -- I"m pretty sheltered I guess. BUt I'll agree with you - it even sounds stupid ;)