Which relation is deeper?

October 16, 2008 4:07am CST
A mother son relationship or a friend to friend relationship which is deeper according to you.I personally feel that if you have a mother who is a close friend to you,Who shares all her personal feeling to you is the best friend and the most trusted friend you can have in your whole life than depending on others for a close relationship with you.
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• Pakistan
16 Oct 08
hi friend there are so many relations which we can got in deep relationships for example mother-son, father-daugher etc. but in opinion best and the most strenghtfull relation is that in which the sincerity is much higher and have respect for one another. Prince Sad
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
Of course mother-son/daughter relationship is much deeper because if you have an open relationship you can talk to your mom anything even your secrets then that is the best while having a friend yes you can tell him or her anything also but there will come a time that when you quarrel and no remedy for your relationship as friends I think you will seperate ways. While having a mother-son/daughter relationship even you quarrel your mom it is because sometimes you have differences on certain matter but a mom is a mom and you cannot change it. It is for life relationship.