Feeling insecure about learning new technology

United States
October 16, 2008 4:33am CST
Do you know how to make a video and upload it on the internet? I have to do one in the next 3 days. I have used a digital camera before, but I have never shot a video or uploaded it. My friend has one of her son on YouTube. He has autism, and she is showing people that he is a valid, and relevant person. I think that is awesome. Maybe I can get her to help me. Last week, I had to try some new things on the computer that I never had to do before. My husband usually fixes the computer if there is a problem because he is an IT guy. Unfortunately, he was gone and the computer had multiple viruses and problems. It had the IExplore.exe virus, in which there is more than one iExplore.exe listed in the processes window. (You know, it is that thing you get when you hit Ctrl, Alt, Delete at the same time and then click on Task Manager in the Windows Security window that pops up. Well, it is under the Windows Task Manager, under the processes tab. That tab shows you what applications are currently running and how much of your CPU time they are taking up.) Anyway, when you have the iExplore.exe virus, you will have more than one entry for that. You need one in order for Internet Explorer to work, but not more than one. So I scanned the hard drive with Clamwin and it found lots of problems. I also had the SmitFraud virus (I think it is a virus) which attaches itself to the startup of the computer and put a smutty picture on my desktop at startup and shutdown. I had to go on Wikipedia to fix that one. There was a free download that fixed it. Finally, I ran SpyBot and it got rid of a lot of bad stuff. SpyBot has a thing that runs in the background trying to fight off bad viruses. It is called TeaTimer.exe. I deleted mine because it was using almost half of my CPU time. I then used other means to deal with those viruses. Be careful. There are some bad spyware programs that use similar names to SpyBot. Don't trust them. Today I downloaded the updates from windows and it mentioned some of the problems I was having, so they already knew and offered fixes for some of them. I needed to remember to run the updates more often, so I set it up on the Microsoft website to update automatically each day. What I really hate is that fake security software that downloads itself off of the internet and pretends to scan your harddrive for security problems, while it gives you viruses. Grrrr! I think that ought to be illegal. Now when I get one, I stop it by doing Ctrl, Alt, Delete and then End Task. If it won't work the first time, try it a few more times. What are some things you have run into while learning new technology?
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