VITAL NUTRIENTS...Sharing this to keep us physically fit.

food pyramid - it so nice to know all the nutrients what natural food can give to us.And it is so amazing god made them all. So enjoy life by taking good care of our body and knowing what kind foods we do need everyday. And yes it taste so delicious.
October 16, 2008 2:11pm CST
Vitamin A - prevents Eye problem,helps immune system, contributes to growth and development of cells, keeps skin healthy.- sources - Milk, eggs,liver,orange or green vegetables,orange fruits Vitamin C - forms collagen,a tissue that helps to hold cells together;keeps bones, teeth,gums and blood vessels healthy.helps the body absorb iron and calcuim. helps heal cuts and scrapes.-sources-fruits and veggies like oranges, grapefruit,kiwi,red berries, tomatoes,brocolli, spinach and guava. Vitamin D -Strengthens bones by helping the body absorb bone-building calcium. It is also made by our body when you get sunlight on your skin.-sources- egg yolks,fish oils and fortified foods like milk. Vitamin E - Helps protect cells from damage and contribute to the health of red blood cells.-sources -Vegetable oils, nuts,leafy green veggies,avocados, wheat germ, and whole grains. B Vitamins: B12,B6,THIAMIN,RIBOFLAVIN AND FOLATE - helps build DNA,make red blood cells and break down protiens; important for heart health and nerve-cell function. -sources - fish,red meat,poultry,milk,cheese,eggs,leafy green veggies,asparagus,oranges and citrus fruits.
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18 Oct 08
Hi grace! How are you my friend? Yap, we do have this food pyramid but filipinos always forgot to follow these pyramid because we always love to eat. Especially, fast food for the busy people and they say fast food is not really good for our health.
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20 Oct 08
Hi desiree,fine here.How'w life? thanks for responding hahaha it seems you're the only one interested here hahaha.Anyway, it's true , even me i cannot afford to eat those foods in the food pyramid,because most of the time i can't go to the market because i am so busy working (hay life!)Very pre-occupied with many schedules. But at least now, we found some carideria and small restaurants that cooks delicious and nutritious foods and at a very affordable price.So we can at least avoid all the fast foods and fatty foods outside. Just be cautious with the surroundings, they might be using dirty kitchen though (hahaha)..Anyway hope to hear more of you next coming chat..Happy lotting my friend.
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20 Oct 08
Maybe there are others also that will notice this discussion of yours. If they don't notice this it means that filipinos are not really into food pyramid. I think only moms know this food