Who earns more in mylot?

@Masmasika (1921)
October 16, 2008 5:30pm CST
I'm just wondering if one who has posted only ten discussions and one with more than two thousand posts earn the same amount if they both posts the same number of discussions everyday. Is there a difference in the earnings of one who is new and one who has gotten thousands of posts already in mylot? I mean, suppose a newbie has posted 10 discussions that day and a mylotter who has two thousand posts also posted 10 discussions that day, with the same quality of work, will they earn the same amount for that day? In the other site that I work for, one who has posted many articles has an advantage over a newbie because the previous posts don't stop earning. So if one has posted a thousand articles then the articles would be earning even if one isn't visiting the site. Although earnings slow down if you don't visit your site regularly so one must still visit the site and add posts.
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@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
17 Oct 08
I also wondered about who earn the most in myLot. How he/ she write its posts. We could learn something from his/ her. I hope to learn something from his/him.
@amoisan (240)
• Canada
17 Oct 08
im new here but i think the star stands for the quilty of your content so the lower your star the less you try they higher the better your posts are or the more helpfull they are to others atlest thats how i think it works but if you post tons a day if there all good and help people yes you will get payed more but if your posting crap then no your just wasteing your time you would be better off just posting 10 really great ones it would make you the same amount.
@kenguyen (101)
• Australia
16 Oct 08
I don't understand so much about myLot coz I'm a newbie. But I think it's fair if everyone gets paid equally on the number of posts as long as the post quality meets standards of myLot. I just try the best every time participating discussion. To me myLot is not only for making some extra money but also for fun and experience.