fun for free

United States
October 16, 2008 10:45pm CST
enjoying life doesnt always have to cost money. Here are a couple of examples... 1. people watch - go to a mall, or a park, maybe a street side bench (anywhere with a lot of people really really) and make up stories like you know the people walking by. This can be a lot of fun if you have a little imagination and an eye for detail. being able to use funny accents dowsnt hurt either. 2. Country fun - some country areas have extremely rare animals which are easily viewed. For example, my fiance and I found a field with longhorns, emus, bison, and peacocks. They were so friendly that the emu would come right up to us and eat grass from our hands. We got pictures and one even grabbed my hair by accident. (warning - do not fee the animals anything not found in their current living environment, They may be on a special diet for their health.) 3. paint wrestling - find any old paint you can get your hands on. get into tight small clothes and put small puddles of paint on a large flat surface(washable or stainable depending on your preference)butcher paper wors great. Wrestle with your friend or lover and in the end see your masterpiece. do you have any ideas to share?
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• China
17 Oct 08
Happiness is simple. For example, traveling. I don't need to go very famous places to have fun. In my opinion, the point is who you stay with but not the place you live and travel etc.
• United States
17 Oct 08
right on
@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
17 Oct 08
noe there is some very good ideas, I love to people watch, this is when I wish i could sketch faces..and I like to go for a drive out into the country and just drive down a dirt road just to see where it goes and what it has to offer...
@maximax8 (31055)
• United Kingdom
18 Oct 08
If I want to have free fun I take my toddler to the park. He adores going in a swing and swinging to and fro. He is a bit wary of going down a slide but he is gaining confidence with some support. I can take him in his pushchair for a walk along the pier. There we can feel a soft ocean breeze and see beautiful coastal scenery. We can take a walk along the sandy beach along to a village. There we find a hill with a little church at the top of it. The views from there are amazing. I like to go to my local library and then I can borrow books. I like to view wildlife like birds in my garden and animals by the river side path very near my home. Doing funny accents and messing about with paint sounds like fun.