get out

United States
October 16, 2008 11:31pm CST
you are in a room with nothing but a table and a saw. No windows, no doors. the saw can not cut threw the walls, they are steel. the table can not reach the ceiling it is too high. How do you get out of the room? This does involve word play and creativity... have at it
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@RenoMan (90)
• Togo
17 Oct 08
If there are no windows and no door, then you must have gotten in through the floor. Go back the way you came and use the saw to cut up the idiot who put you there in the first place.:)
• Togo
17 Oct 08
Thanks Doc. I thought so.:)
@hellcowboy (7374)
• United States
17 Oct 08
This is a very good question and I have always liked puzzles and trying to solve them so let me see if you are in a room with no windows or doors,and the walls are made of steel,and you have a saw that can not cut through the walls,and a table that does not reach the ceiling,I would say that what I would do is cut the table into the shape of a door,put it on the wall,and hope that it helps me get out,either that or I would say use the saw to cut through the floor,and the dig a whole to lead to the outside and freedom,and then I would take whoever put me in there and put them in there,except not give them a saw lol.