How Many Of u Are Interested In Setting Up a Orphan Home In Future???

October 17, 2008 7:22am CST
Hi people its my dream and life ambition to build a orphan home and whatever difficulties im ready to face,i dont want to push loads and loads of money into my safe,i want to do something for people i want to live for people.I want to build an orphan home with my own expenses!!!how many of u are interested in same thought??????
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@kmurti (100)
• Russian Federation
18 Oct 08
i really wish and pray ur dream comes true..but it is not easy..managing it all but when u do something like ds..things will happen all will slowly fallintoplace..i would love to help u in mysmall way each year i involve school kids in activiteis like visiting such homes but blieve me i nvr enter them my slf..i last visited Mother Teresas home in Lucknow and wept my heart out and i was so depressed for days together that i never go it hutrs it pains and makes me v sad..but i do all i can in collection organising fund raising and that i wud defntly do for u.. may it happen..
• India
19 Oct 08
thankss 4ur support,i only need support rest of things ill manage..!!!i know that its tough but still...ill do it!!!
• China
24 Nov 09
i have the interesting to do that, but i just a graduated from a normal uviversity in July, this year, now i have less money to surport my life and my parents. so i can do is wish that your dream will be true. and would you be my friend?
@cathya (704)
• Philippines
22 Dec 08
It also came to my mind, to set up an orphanage and home for the aged. When I was in HS and Col. me and my my classmates used to visit different orphanages and home for the aged institutions. Now that I seldom do it, I wish and pray that God will touch the hearts of the well off citizens to build more orphanage and home for the aged.