Why does my account balance read 0?

United States
October 17, 2008 7:24am CST
well I guess this is a stupid question (except those dont exsist :P) but my account balance reads zero, and I've posted good sized answers several times now... I would expect to see at least a couple pennies... so why not? is it because I dont have a paypal account attached yet? Or Am I doing something else wrong?
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• Malaysia
17 Oct 08
Hi LilPixelle, firstly welcome to MyLot. Your situation is because you just post and MyLot will require 1 day to process and update the account value. Suggest you can continue post and comment as it will sill counting for your contribution. So again, as MyLot promote, be descriptive as possible and the more you post, the more you would earn. Thus Happy MyLoting.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
17 Oct 08
Helo LilPixelle. I think you have to wait until tomorrow to be able to see how much you have earned. The earning here in myLot are updated every day, not everytime you make posts. I believe you would be earning well if you keep posting and not giving up so fast. I know it is really devastating to see the earning doesn't go up, but see... many people here has helped you by telling you some facts about myLot. DOn't worry, you would be able to see how much you earn today by tomorrow. Good luck and happy myLotting :)
• United States
17 Oct 08
No youre are not doing anything wrong, when I first started a week ago it took a while for my earnings to show up. When you go to earnings, under it says that it takes up to 24 hours to give you your earnings, I dont think you should stress about it, because I went through the same thingg.. just patiently wait a little while longer and I'm sure your money will show up in no time. I dont think its becase you dont have a paypal account. I've heard you need atleast four lines to reciecve earnings. Just keep posting and answering questions and you'll get up there =]
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
17 Oct 08
the earning at Mylot only goes up once a day and that should be very soon, so don't worry they will put your earnings up so keep on posting you can trust Mylot..