Cooking: think BIG!

@roque20 (518)
October 17, 2008 8:10am CST
You can freeze at least half of what you prepare and save a lot of time. * Aim to double, triple or quadruple ingredient quantities. it wont take you much more time, but you'll have one, two or three dishes that are ready in the freezer, so on at least this number of evenings you won't have to cook. this trick works just about all types of dishes. *If you make shortcrust pastry, cookie dough or pizza dough, make two or three times the quantity and freeze the excess. *Make double quantities of cakes and muffins they freeze well and are perfect for children's lunchboxes. *When making crepes, prepare a large batch and freeze what you don't eat in a stack, separated in baking paper circles. *Instead of frying onions for particular meals, consider doing a large batch at a time and freezing it in a recipe-sized portions. *By quadrupling only one dish once a week, you'll have u to 27 dishes in the freezer after two months.
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@cjgrooms (4456)
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17 Oct 08
Back when i was a working Mother and wife i couldn't have made it without making extras for the freezer i usually worked at least two jobs so some days i would have just wenough time to come home take something out of the freezer pop it in the oven and it be ready by the time i got my shower and it was time to leave for my next job. Even now that i stay at home i make extras to save time later or for my teens after school snacks.