is it ok to fantasize about others?

October 17, 2008 8:15am CST
is it ok to fantasize about the others when you are already in a committed relationship? i know its a tricky question but it would be interesting to have some answers.....! i personally feel there's nothing wrong or right about fantasizing. its just a natural fun break defense from our daily monotonous life and perhaps if we look closely it might just give a hint into what we really want, or what might be almost be unattainable for us....... i guess the important part is how much and why the need? if the answers to these two are not alarming(i.e.,you not very guilty, extremely preoccupied with it,very distressed or unhappy about the real relationship, communication is smooth and you not using it as a routine compulsive escape from situationa's demands, etc) you may be in the safe zone.... I THINK SMALL FLIGHTS INTO FANTASY ARE HARMLESS AND CAN EVEN BE SHARED LIGHTLY BETWEEN THE TWO COMMITTED PEOPLE.
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• Philippines
17 Oct 08
Its normal to fantasize or idolize others because we are longing or looking for such a trait that we found on someone. It will be bad if you are fantasizing to make love to someone thus you are already committed. Man is born uncontented so possibility is you admire others for their physical traits or attributes.
• United States
17 Oct 08
theres a fine line there, and fine lines are best avoided... it might depend on what she thinks about it more than what we think on it... My mama taught me, "When in doubt, Go without." if it can be avoided and it might be bad, its generally best avoided.