Truth about evolution: parrotfishes?

October 17, 2008 8:48am CST
there are certain arguments that the world was at constant evolution. there was one argument that says that all animals (aerial or land animals, even humans) all came from the waters and thus, this means that all of us became fishes of some sort. i've seen a fish that looks like a real parrot and that gave me something to think about. in your opinion, how did you think these stuff happen? is any of the points of the animals-from-water evolution theory true? it's really a great mystery for me! thanks :)
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@arpitaman (170)
• India
17 Oct 08
i think thats partially true After all its a world wide ageed fact that life originated in water in the microorganisms level But it s not that fish have been converted into animals or birds What most scientists believe that their wore some classes of organisms which on the early stage diversified into various families which furtur developed furthur species and breeds Like apes, monkeys orangotanes, apes humans belong to smae family similarly dogs , fox and wolf same for cats panthers cheetah tigers etc
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
there were theories that responded to human morphing of some kind. from fish to humans while everything else are morphing from fish to themselves too. maybe it's some kind of a genetic thing. i really don't know :D i am not opposing the law of God here haha. i am just really very curious. how could it become like that?
@fastyr (122)
• Philippines
2 Dec 08
i think its too weird for such a person to think but its on how you believe in that is the thing that makes you ask!! well,maybe or maybe not it falls into those two right?!! i dont think all creature's started at water just because of this existing theory,it doesnt mean that it is the basis for all of it there's still something that anyone can't explain but at least we have theories THEORIES that we can...ahm,let me say... have an idea of..... i would like to hear more from you!! happy mylotting!! =
@golechha (178)
• India
18 Oct 08
well to say a fact i never heard such till now... n even i dont believe...