Earn money with the Ecademy powernetworker profile

October 17, 2008 9:26am CST
Ecademy is an online business & social network. Once you fill out your profile and invite 10 of your friends to join as well... you are rewarded with a free powernetworker badge for a month. This would open doors for you on this business people-rich network. Among which is inspiration videos on networking and improving what you do best, a market place where you can constantly advertise your business skills and a section on different ebooks. The best ebook in the ebooks section is "how to make money on ecademy.com" which is free to download to members with a powernetworker badge. In that book, the author-Fraser, explains how he made 50 pounds in a week and beyond 5,000 pounds in 6 months! Read and know how you can also make the same amount of money on ecademy.com If you want an invite, just ask
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