Pay to Search!!!

October 17, 2008 10:24am CST
Hi! I am using a really greate site that pay us to search in the internet! Like we do using google or Yahoo! in the fact this site use a box from yahoo! We can search about what we want!! I already received payment 2 times! In the first one I earned abou 30 pounds (this site pay in pounds, what worth much more than dollars) with out referrals!! In the second one, with 2 referrals, I earned about 43 pounds!!! Is a really great money! If you want payment proffs you can found looking for here, in my lot.. look for using the box in the top of the page... This site pay us about one cent of pound (I dont know the name of it.. is it penny ? =/ ) and we have no limet of search per day!!! Much better than any PTC, is not? They accept international members and pay by check, PAYPAL, banck transfer, and much other! If you liked the idea ask me or visite my profile, there you will find the link! Good Luck!!!
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@NeoBug (106)
17 Oct 08
the idea sounds good gabrielgebara. let me check your link, actually i am doing it right now.