Why do you think we need to start early in life?

@mayrah (1133)
United States
October 17, 2008 10:41am CST
During preschool stage, when most children are still fascinated by dolls and toy guns. Gwendolyn Brooks was already stringing verses. She scored her first triumph at 13 by selling poem to the American Childhood Magazine. But that was just her first step on the ladder of success. She had to slave for 19 years more before winning the first sought-after award among men of letters. She is just one of example of people who started early in their life. Now, why do you think we should start early in life?
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• Singapore
17 Oct 08
Preschool years is the time when children develop the most. IN fact, in the first three years of life, they have learned so much more than the later years. As such, I feel that it's important to encourage kids at that age to pursue whichever talent that they might have. I have a daughter. I let her explore as much as possible. There are people who restricts kids' movements, afraid they might fall r hurt themselves. But as long as she is not in an obvious dangerous situation, I let her be. She will learn things along the way. If she crawls under the table, she will learn to mind her head and all that. There are people around me who are very cautious and do not encourage such exploration. I also expose her to song and dance. I think it is a great way to develop that side of her too. It is fascinating the rate they are learning at that stage.
• Malaysia
17 Oct 08
I think what we do during our childhood will become our passions in life later on, especially when we're being praised for it or we're good with it. For me, I won't be telling my kids to focus on this or that during their childhood (no, i don't have any children yet). I want them to enjoy their childhood. There will only be 2 things which I'm going to teach them - find a hobby (be it drawing, singing, collecting things, taking care of things, etc) and how to manage his/her own assets (which includes money).