NASCAR Fans!!! Your opinion on how to deal with the "Bushwackers"

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November 6, 2006 11:22pm CST
With the recent OVERWHELMING success that Nextel Cup drivers have had in the NASCAR Busch Series, I have been pondering ideas that could make it better for the full time Busch drivers. 1)Points are ONLY awarded to BUSCH drivers. (ie. 2 "buschwhackers" finish 1-2 and a full time busch driver finishes 3rd. The two top drivers would get no points, but the third place car would get his points because he is a non-cup driver, and so on.) 2)A chase format at the end of the season with ONLY the top 10 full time BUSCH drivers getting the invite. This would give the up and coming stars of tomorrow the chance to develop like they should in NASCAR's "minor leauge", while also giving them a taste of the competition that they will have in the higher series when they get there. It would prevent a Full-time Nextel Cup driver from walking away with a championship in a series that he/she is obviously over-qualified for, It would still allow the Nextel Cup teams to get that crucial "extra practice session" that the Busch race provides. I know that these two rules alone wouldn't solve the whole problem, so that's why I'm posting it up here, for you the people to give more suggestions, and who knows, if it all comes together well, I may type it up and send it to NASCAR.
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7 Nov 06
im not really into bush baby....i love you
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9 Nov 06
I you too