Who like or liked better at basketball 1980s Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

United States
October 17, 2008 2:51pm CST
Do you like Kobe Bryant more onre 1980s Michael Jordan more? 1980s Michael Jordan averaged 30.1 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 10.1 assist a game in his career. Kobe Bryant average so far is 25.0 points, 4.6 assist, and 5.3 rebounds. They both are good players and big scorers in the NBA.
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• Philippines
8 Nov 08
MJ is still better. the game in the 80s and 90s is much more physical than kobe's time. the 90s game handchecks are allowed, no defensive 3s. jordan would have scored 40 points a game if he ever played in this era.
• China
30 Oct 08
My personal view is that Jordan will be better than Kobe, however, can not deny that they have two super-scoring ability. however,bryant less the same things, assists is it ? is not. rebounds is it ? NO. HE's the kind of critical lack of a colling-off time, he has skills, but i personally feel that he is not psychological Jordan so persistent. he should be leading the team won the championship to confirm that he is a good leader, not only a players.
• China
19 Oct 08
I always like Michael Jordan !
• Philippines
18 Oct 08
i also like Kobe Bryant but for me the best is Michael Jordan in his time but for now there are so many players in NBA that who are the best of all...