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October 17, 2008 7:45pm CST
so ever since that dream io had about my sluggish wedding day, ive been so freakin worried that its all going to go wrong! im thing, what if i wake up like at noon and i dont make it for my own wedding? i have a really bad habit of waking up late. well not late just as late as i can before actuallt running late.or..what if everyybody forgets its my wedding day?? what if i shoe up in my pretty dressm, and no ones there? what if al of those thousands of dallors go to waste because only a handfull of people show up?? om my goodness im freaking out now! the scariest part is that half of he people that are going only my family goes, so theres no guarantee that they are coming! my weddings only 5 months away and im already getting freaked out, all because of that dumb eam that i had. also, its kind of stressful becaus emy mom barely decided to start helping ,mme do things and i like to do t hings ahead of time but she wouldnt even let me do it myy self because she wants everything on " her" time , which is not soon enough! ok maybe 5 monhs is still a long time ago, buit i dunno im still freaking out. in so excited but im just stressed and then i start school in january! whoo...ill be ok though.
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@Leixa003 (867)
• Philippines
18 Oct 08
I think you just need to relax and not think too much about it. They say dreams are your deepest thoughts and maybe because you worry to much that is why you even in your dreams it is not good. Five months is a long time. I even know some people who gets to prepare for just a month. You have to just plan and follow the plan. I think you should not worry on how many people would attend. I am sure our close friends and relatives would be there and they would celebrate with you. It is natural to be excited and a little worried about your wedding because it marks your new life with your new family. Just think of the good things that will come your way and be prepared for things like being a wife. Congratulations in advance or should I say best wishes. ;)